Focusing on Intentional Frequencies this New Moon

When you go to sleep, how you sense and perceive information is very different than say, when you are working, or busy doing whatever it is in life that needs the more mundane mind to be present to the situations that you are facing.

There are many dimensions within consciousness that create this multidimensionality, and as we focus our powerful intentions, these intentional frequencies are very focused from a space of balance and clarity.

This means that no matter what is happening, the mind doesn’t need to get taken, or distracted, by the energies, especially the intense energies of the super New Moon.

What is important over the next few days, is to find balance and clarity, and this can be created by your intention.

It is very easy to create this focus deep within with reminders.

Remind yourself through your intention, perhaps by writing your intention down, or by remembering your intention as you sit in meditation, or simply by taking a moment to breathe in and remember the intention to come back to a space of balance and clarity.

This new moon is guiding us to come back to clarity and to create clarity by setting clear boundaries in our lives in the ways that we think, and feel. In this way, we allow the energies to be focused in a very specific way.

The mind requires these reminders to be very much part of our daily activity. It’s so easy to forget because when strong frequencies are around us, often things become a little bit more chaotic.

When the new moon invites new energies into the perception of our minds, or the perception of our feelings, it’s so very easy to be overwhelmed and to get caught.

Thus, it’s truly a gift to remember to create intentional frequencies. You can do this in many, many different ways, and this is what I will go deeper into on 13 January 2021, as we come together for the New Moon ETM transmission.

(Excerpt from Tony Samara’s latest eBooklet called ‘The Magic in the Light’ now available from the Samara Meditation website.)

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