Awakening is so very important, because so many of us, as individuals, but also as humanity in general, the collective that we find ourselves in during these times, so many people have been focusing on clearing out dissatisfaction, and the sense of helplessness that has been made very obvious by the situations that we’re facing at this moment.

There is a sensing that something out there is so very powerful, and we are helpless, we can’t change the world, we can’t change the situation.

Very often when that is a thought, whether it be a conscious thought, or a subconscious thought, those disempowering energies need to be cleansed, and cleared out.

Additionally, that is the reason why many of us are confused, and also lost and unclear as to the way to elevate and connect to the healing and regeneration of energies, and the awakening of these positive energies.

Take a moment to relax into the flow that is happening right now.

Be present, know that you are part of something much greater than yourself.

Move closer to that depth of relationship with yourself and with others that creates clear connections of manifestations and experiences.

This is not only helpful, but it will uplift you and empower you to celebrate this wonderful healing that’s happening.

Know that beyond the external, beyond our perceptions, there is a deep and powerful healing that is creating a new relationship not just within ourselves, but also with nature, and with the elements within nature.

This is the deeper relationship that we have forgotten because of our modern lifestyle and the ways that we relate to our environment and the external aspects of relationship that have been confused by this separation that we have inherited genetically because of our evolution over these last thousands of years whereby we have slowly moved away and created this sense of separation from the natural aspect of life, from the flow within life.

The deeper relationship is not just about a deeper relationship with your friends or your family, or the social connections you have with people around you, it’s more about a relationship within oneself that helps to create connections to the elemental energies that are around, that then create a new attitude.

This is what’s being birthed at the moment and this is in an incredibly beautiful celebration of such an open and receptive attitude.

(Excerpt: Palace of Consciousness by Tony Samara (eBooklet) available here:

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