Understanding Heavy Emotions

We are very emotional beings, yet we are not always so very clever in the way that we understand our emotions, or other people’s emotions. This is especially relevant when it is those heavy emotions that can be very much part of the experiences that we have within certain constellations or social situations. 

However, when there is an alignment that is deeply emotional it can also be powerfully enlightening, as there is generally a powerful and difficult undercurrent that is requiring healing. 

Furthermore, the healing is happening within the subconscious, but in order to do so, it first needs to surface, from the depths of the subconscious. This means that the healing happens in our dreams and in our meditations, and so we need to be much more ‘present’ (or aware) as we go about our daily activities

I mean, present or aware, in the way that we communicate to one another, and to the people around us in the various constellations, but also and most importantly, in the way that we communicate to ourselves. How we communicate those subconscious feelings that are now opening because of this alignment. 

Some are already feeing the intensity, but it will be felt by many more over these next few weeks. 

The intensity will be part of our life, in our communication practice, and in the way that we approach each other in different situations. Furthermore, the intensity will be more obvious and more visible within dreams, meditational and spiritual practices. 

So, if part of your daily practice, is to sit in meditation, or to be aware, and to work through the inner process of transformation, if you have such a spiritual practice, then this is very good, because the subconscious is able to come back to the state of healing. 

Excerpt from ‘Listen to the Inner Heart – Making Sense of Parables’ my latest eBooklet. 

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