Come Closer to Love and Harmony

Don’t take limited perceptions or beliefs personally, as you are much more than an accumulation of such. You are potential perfection made manifest in a beautiful and unique way. You are an expression that becomes real, as this potential touches the core of your being – your heart.

When someone is perceived as negative towards you, or your identity, or your dreams, be aware it often has absolutely nothing to do with you!  Instead, it’s usually their own issue, and is often a reflection of their own inner unhappiness. Let any such negative comments go, and come home to your heart where potential is made much more powerful by the remembrance of the light that shines within you and everyone.

No matter what others may say, you are ultimately potential waiting to become manifest in this reality we call life. It’s a beautiful reality and very much at the core of your thoughts and inner dreams.

Remember, when the mundane mind, or its equivalent in your experience with people around you, starts to make you feel bad or disturbs your equilibrium, you – the real in you – has the wisdom to change such before you become a victim of the illusions that I call the maya, or monkey mind, and hence, caught in the power of the confusion, rather than being at home, where the joy of freedom is felt as an ocean of bliss – the heart.

What is truly wonderful to do, is to bring love into the whole picture of whatever is happening, even if whatever is happening is very negative. You can’t actually understand the negativity from a space of separation, which is what the ego is. The ego is a product of dualism, of the sense of separation. 

What we actually need to do is use this feeling of separation to come closer to what it means to find love and harmony inside of ourselves. This is very, very important because we can do it much more easily than we think.

Direct experiences have the potential for radical transformation of an individual and their life as well as a profound and effortless letting go of past emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering.

I invite you to join me in the upcoming online events in order to come back to the remembrance of love, that is the very core of deep transformation.

In gratitude,

Tony Samara

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