A Time of Change

It’s really time to start believing in yourself,

to start believing in the positivity within yourself,

and to know that this positivity empowers you

to change many things.

There are many things to change that may include aspects that perhaps you have adapted to, or you have just ignored, or let go of because it’s too difficult. Many of those things now can be transformed to a level of positivity that will allow you to reach an emotional maturity and a sense of well-being, that is very positive. 

So, even though it may sound like this phase, with its connection to the moon, the planets, and to people and situations is very intense, know that we are letting go of an egoic level of our thinking.

How empowering to be letting go of this negative habit that we have continued to project outside of ourselves because we believe that the world is to blame. 

When we face this addiction or this habit, and let go of the idea that the external is to blame, we empower the internal that transforms the sufferings, the insecurities and the belief systems that are not quite right, that are holding us back and we transform those so that we find something much more permanent within ourselves.

Positivity is not just about being happy,

Positivity is not just about things working out and everything flowing in a way where there is no suffering. 

Positivity is a state of being so very empowered, that when things get intense, the transformation is not slower, but happens much more quickly. 

Many may find it to be very difficult to embrace all the changes, but there is a sense of excitement within the positivity that lets go of the addiction to suffering, and to the addiction to our insecurities, and empowers us to reach out for this transformation, for the energy of the transformation.

Now is the time!

I warmly invite your participation in the online events happening regularly, as we remember our purpose, and our path towards wholeness in this world. 

(Excerpt from ‘A Time of Change‘ eBooklet by Tony Samara.)

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