Bringing Meaning and Purpose into our Experiences

The mind is extremely good at recollecting all sorts of thoughts and feelings, exploring them and then linking them into all other such thoughts and feelings that come from the past. It is the same with the future. 

So, whatever it is your mind is thinking about, whether it be about tomorrow, or what you need to do after this transmission, or whatever is important to remember for the next week, just let that go. 

For me, the best way to let go, is to simply come back to the awareness that is part of being present. This means that you become deeply aware of the body, and aware that the body is here, present. 

You can feel the body, you can sense the body (as you sit, or as you stand) and you can be aware of the sensations within the body. 

In addition, as you become aware of the body become more present to the breath. 

As you breathe in, just observe the breath with the attitude of awareness and what it means to be conscious of your experiences. 

It’s such a wonderful thing to be in a state of awareness. 

In the beginning, awareness is quite simple. For example, you are being aware of your environment, being aware of your body, being aware of the space that is around you, being aware of how your body is interacting with this space that is around you. 

In the beginning, perhaps you are simply aware of the space in the room that you’re sitting in, or the space in the house, the space of the apartment that you might be in, the space of the room that you are aware of. You may be aware of all that is happening, the sounds and the colours and the smells and the spatial awareness of what is around you. 

Take a few moments to remain clear, focused and aware. 

Awareness is such a beautiful thing. It brings to the present a state of consciousness, and consciousness is such an amazing, powerful force. 

As you become aware of what is around you, you become conscious of the environment of your body, of the space that is around you, and aware that consciousness multiplies in its frequencies, so that consciousness then expands into everything. 

Consciousness expands even into the thoughts that you are having, even into the feelings that you are experiencing, and even the space around you begins to become resonant with this quality of consciousness and allows you to come back home to a depth that allows you to become aware of meaning and purpose within this state of awareness that is now expanding. 

Then, as you breathe in and breathe out, it is almost as if consciousness allows you to go deeper into a state of clarity, and to be more focused and more clearly aware of all the subtle little things that are happening in the background, that are behind and integrated within the thoughts and experiences that you are having right now in this present moment. 

There is a subtle awareness that becomes much more present to your experience. 

As you breathe in and breathe out, it is almost as if you are coming back home to a remembrance and it’s as if you begin to remember parts of your being that get forgotten due to the activities of the mind and the intensities of your everyday mundane experience. 

The subtler aspects of yourself normally hidden behind and interwoven behind those spaces that you are now exploring as you expand consciousness, extend awareness to the more subtle realm of your experience.

How wonderful when we begin to bring more meaning and purpose into this beautiful state of elevation, known as transcendence. 

This is what meditation is. 

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