Embracing the Unknown

Inner growth allows the possibility to access profound knowledge and learn ancient wisdom. Yet, because of the challenges that we have been facing due to the intensity of our emotions and thoughts that sometimes require a lot of patience, we must seek to deeply trust the process, rather than get upset with ourselves, or judge situations or ourselves for not being able to embrace the positivity of inner growth.

Old structures such as survival and mundane thinking that have been part of our culture for thousands of years have helped us to survive up to this moment. However, a new structure is required that asks us to go beyond simply surviving and beyond inner growth and patience. It requires that we embrace these new energies from a perspective that is unknown to most people. 

To be able to do this we need to encourage ourselves to pause and reflect, to assess our motivation and to really clarify our intention of how we wish to move forward and embrace the potential that is now being created as a structure within our experience.

As you know, our intention is not only vitally important but is the creator of our reality. Our intention has never been so important throughout history as it is today and we know this. We know on the biological level of existence that the world is going through a very difficult period of growth as a whole. The ecosystem, the biology of humanity and the way that we interact with nature and our environment, has never been so critical.

Hence why pausing, reflecting and assessing all motivation within this ecosystem as it is right now, has never been so important.

Join me at the Adventure into Elevation Solstice Online Retreat from 19-22 June 2021 to continue transforming the old structures with new tools that enable us all to create a new beginning.

Thank you.

For more retreat information:https://tonysamara.com/retreats/