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About Tony Samara

Miracles Happen

In our historical development, we view the earth and the world as a place that is difficult, that doesn't support us and that we have to really struggle against.
Miracles Happen

I see, Mother Earth as a supportive factor and this supportive factor is full of joy, full of love and full of a sense of expansion. I believe that when we connect to that sense, then we can go beyond disease and physical suffering. We can connect to the healing that is everywhere.


I believe that the birth of everything starts as a healing birth. It doesn't start as a destructive birth. Even when we are giving birth to a situation that we may view as suffering, behind the energy that is creating the suffering, there is an invisible energy that is supporting us. We usually choose not to see that reality in that moment and we choose to see the suffering because it is more intense or more seemingly present. Then we forget what is around. We forget what is so subtle but obvious to native people and to people who are joyful and free. When this happens, we are unable to use the power of nature to transform sickness and suffering as the native people do and this is why I mention in my books that to connect to this aspect means that we're connecting to the divine healing that is so powerful it can go beyond any limited picture. Miracles happen.


There are so many ways to connect to this divine energy that it is difficult to define one easy path. I have looked at many ways of working because I started working with a Zen master when I was a teenager and since then, I've been to the Amazon forest, to the Andes, I've worked with famous healers and I've been to approximately 200 different places in the world. Through this, I've observed that the essence and the core of healing is to let go of suffering and this of course starts within oneself. The main suffering that I see in people is the stress that we are not connected to a bigger picture. We feel separate. I believe that the first step is to make this conscious and then there are many paths that open to take us further.


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