Newest Release!

Tony Samara

During the times of the New Moon, the frequencies around us are a little bit more chaotic, and the perceptions of our minds and our feelings can easily become overwhelmed and caught in the intense energies. In this eBooklet, Tony Samara offers us practical ways to comeback to clarity, so that we can deeply connect to, and align with consciousness, and receive the revelations that our inner heart wishes to share with us.

The Magic in the Light

Reminders for a Focus on Intentional Frequencies

Tony speaks with passion about creating important reminders so that we can focus on intentional frequencies, and choose to come back to the space of balance, in the moments when the mind may seek to capture us in the intense energies. A simple ritual and a beautiful meditation are provided for our practice, to empower us to release unfinished experiences without involving the pain and suffering of any old habits.


The Process of Letting Go of Thought Attachments

When we are able to contemplate the beautiful aspects of this world, the sky, the nature, the visible and invisible elements around us with gratitude, we are able to connect to all and everything that allows us to celebrate with a deep sense of joy and happiness in our heart. Yet, our mind manipulates us with its automatic thinking habits, which guide our actions most of the time. The author, Tony Samara, shares with us that when we understand that the essence of our being is consciousness and that our true identity is consciousness, then we are truly awakening.

The Meeting of Opposites

A Once in a Lifetime Shift

In this mini eBooklet that combines the auspicious energies of the Full Moon, as well as Guru Purnima, Tony Samara speaks about the gateway that is opening, and practices that are important to consider for the next 2–3 months, so that we can celebrate the challenges and changes of the unrecognised gifts coming our way, and step by step embrace the mysteries of the unknown without feeling too overwhelmed. It is also explained that the archetypal symbol of the moon, tells a story of movement and change and the possibility for hidden truths to be revealed. We are then guided on a beautiful journey to let go of the quandaries that hold us back, and discover, with the help of Rumi references, how to embrace a deeper connection to the inner wisdoms, as we unlearn the sabotaging stresses and conflicts, and empower ourselves to view consciousness from a new level, during this once-in-a-lifetime moment in time.

Transforming Unconscious Perceptions

Tony Samara

Do your thoughts create more of the illusion? Do you manifest unconscious relationships and experiences around you? Do you know that unconscious forces shape how we think and feel? In this eBooklet, Tony Samara shares his knowledge and wisdom and addresses this very important theme in a profound way, so that we can breathe deeply with conscious awareness, allowing this epigenetic expression to move us through a state of deep transformation.  Learn how to reveal the path to a new way of living that is beautiful, heart-centered and full of joy.

Being a Happy Soul

Putting Meditation into Action for Meaningful, Mindful, Purposeful and Peaceful Life

There is a sacred place within us, naturally aligned with higher consciousness – a place where we can stay connected, and deflect the so-called negative energies of stress, anxiety, insecurity and fear, which are so very common in the modern world we live in. In this eBooklet, Tony Samara, offers us uniquely simple, yet practical suggestions, that allow us to live a life we love, by embracing new situations gracefully and gratefully, and to experience more relaxation, more balance and more peace, inside and out, because our heart is so happy.

A Time of Change

Letting Go Into Positivity Allows For Emotional Maturity and Wellbeing. Be Empowered!

I invite you to read my words and, beyond the concepts of the words, listen to the energy of the words. These times of transformation are very powerful yet some days the planetary alignments make them even more so. You see, when the planets are aligned in a very specific way everything intensifies.

Palace of Consciousness

Wisdom Transmissions by Tony Samara

This eBooklet has the intention of healing, regeneration and awakening of energies. Tony Samara shares that although the energies may be confusing, the elevation that is happening as part of the cosmic movement of life that we are a part of, is for celebrating. Additionally, that as we clear out the sense of dissatisfaction and helplessness from within, we are able to empower our way through the portal.

Coming Back Home

Tony Samara

Transformation is all about a deep connection to not just the energy of the universe and space of consciousness, but also with all beings in a very loving and compassionate way.

In an eBooklet, Tony Samara shares that letting go of egoic negative habits that we feel ‘are to blame’, transforms the pessimistic inner structures. The positivity and optimism gained, empowers us to change many things, allowing for emotional maturity and wellbeing. 

The Call of the Feminine

Tony Samara: Wisdom Teachings

As we embody truth and light, we don’t need to let the mind control the process, as the transformation is in alignment with our higher self. And, with an empowering meditation practice and practical steps, we learn the tools for creating positive intentions that allows us to become more balanced, open and receptive, activating the creative spark, and manifesting the elevation of the sacred masculine and feminine within.


for a Stress-Free Life

As we navigate through our everyday muddles and mayhem, and our mind is preoccupied with external situations, or attached to thoughts and feelings, our habitual behaviours often used for coping with chronic stresses become aggressive rather than nurturing, even when we know meditation is the most beneficial way to relieve our anxiety. In this book, Tony Samara shares stories of personal experience and deep knowledge, as well as profound steps we can take to actively participate in our transformation, permeating our experiences with insight as we discover true happiness.

Discover Your INner Buddha

An Inspirational Healing Journey

Can you name a recent book you have read that brought real and tangible change to your life and enlightened you about the real issues we are all facing as humanity? Words can be written in a perfect order, with clarity and knowledge, but many times (unfortunately) missing the depth that we are seeking. ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha’ (on the contrary) brings depth and wisdom to the reader, who will find themselves swimming in the ocean of true understanding, beyond the concepts of the mind.


Tony Samara

Being aware of certain insights contained within these ancient wisdoms has the power to forever change how you perceive and feel about yourself. For example, if your neurons were stretched end to end, they would reach for endless kilometers.  What does this say about your true potential? What does this say about reality? What does this say about how you can empower yourself with deep knowledge of transformation and healing? Align yourself to the immense learning that makes you freer to be aligned with your true genius potential!