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Breathing Meditation Practices for Peace, Love, and Happiness

Course Description:

If you are curious and open to taking your meditation practice deeper, this course, with Tony Samara, will certainly reveal to you ancient knowledge long forgotten and bring you into contact with great understandings from your own inner wisdom.
When we are breathing in rhythm with the physical breath and are conscious and present to that, totally allowing it to happen, then there is a marvelous transformation that is possible for us to experience right now.
When, as conscious human beings, we are able to do this, the value of living becomes so important for the heart that we understand that the meaning of life is not to go searching for all those little things that we believe will make us happy, but that the meaning of life is love, and that love is in this moment.

Alongside the breathing practices shared, Tony Samara will also speak on various themes beneficial for our everyday wellbeing, such as:
·      the value of connecting to the present moment
·      avoiding the many traps of the ego
·      how to ground the energy centres of the body
·      the significance of the poetry of Kabir (sutras)
·      relaxing the body for peace of mind
·      integrating science and spirituality
·      changing the structure of the fight-or-flight mechanism

By participating in this course and consistently putting the breathing meditations into practice, it is possible to improve our:
·      emotional well-being
·      overall state of relaxation
·      ability to manage stress levels
·      mental strength and clear focus
·      energy levels in the body
·      connection to our inner wisdom
·      immune system’s ability to fend off disease.

We look forward to having your participation soon!