Distant Energy Transmission

Tony Samara offers Distant Energy Transmission commencing at 8.30am CEST, that continues throughout the day, by Donation. Add multiple items by pressing the arrow and increasing the amount if you wish to donate more.

Distant Energy Transmission

Distant Energy Transmission occurs when someone sends energy and a distant recipient receives it. You do not need to be physically present with the sender to receive the energy transmission and the energy connection directly supports each person applying in an extremely unique and beneficial way for their journey of life. No matter where in the world you are, the energy transmission is equally effective for uplifting your spirits and improving your overall wellbeing.



“I thank Tony from the bottom of my heart that the Universe has put him in my path!”

Annalisa (Portugal)

“Happy tears of gratitude and smiles of joy for the beautiful, living, loving, healing light that you are and the indescribably powerful, gentle, subtly flowing healing energy speaking directly to me and so many others today.”

Vivi (USA)

“Eternally grateful for the magic and authenticity of Spirit you shine into my heart and so beginning and continuing the healing process.”

Karnie (Australia)