Samara Meditation has been set up to help realise the evolution of human consciousness worldwide following, the guidelines of author and spiritual teacher, Tony Samara.

It is a non-profit organisation created to spread Tony Samara’s teachings throughout the world in many ways: through live and online workshops, by producing teaching and inspirational materials such as videos, audio transmissions (MP3’s), books and eBooks for adults and children alike, through educational workshops about meditation for children, by creating bursaries to help people in considerable economic hardship attend the various events, and by creating places where people who are dedicated to a life journey of equanimity can come and participate in healing projects dedicated to this living form of loving-kindness in action.  Samara Meditation embraces the goal of working towards self-realisation and liberation. 

If you are feeling appreciation for our work, please consider sending us a heartfelt donation and add multiple items by pressing the arrow and increasing the amount if you wish to donate more.