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Conscious Elevation

Online Retreat with Tony Samara

19th – 22nd September 2020

Conscious Elevation Online Retreat (Full 4 Day)

4 Day Option. Earlybird special price offer until end of August.


Conscious Elevation Online Retreat (2 Day)

2 Day Option. Earlybird special price offer until end of August.


*If you would like to pay in instalments, please contact us below. All earlybird price instalments must be paid by the end of August.

You may remember that I spoke of the dissolution of the old paradigms so that we, as a humanity, may open to the New.

As we look at our surroundings and all current events, we can see that both the outer and inner structures are being challenged and some indeed are collapsing.

This will become even more evident in the near future.

I say this not to worry you, but to remind you that in times of uncertainty, we are, in fact, invited to listen to and be guided by, our Heart.

In such a short time we have witnessed, through this crisis, the arising of solidarity, interconnectedness and compassion. As we allow ourselves to feel each other’s sufferings and strengths, we open to the deeper dimensions of what makes us truly human.

The many mystics of the past and present have walked this path, and now has come the time for the collective humanity to walk as One, as we let go of what some people call collective karma, what I call clearing the space, so that we may fully align to the forces that are deeper within the subconscious, and attune to those higher frequencies that will bring us back into the states of balance and harmony that we have forgotten.

How do we attune and listen to those frequencies?

This is what I want to share with you in my next retreat.

Due to isolation, quarantine and social distancing that is now in place and that will continue to be in some form or another throughout this year, I have decided that the retreat will take place online.

As our energies become more fine-tuned, I ask that you trust and connect to the more invisible fields that connect us and contribute to collective meditational work.

Energy transmission is the focus of my work and knows no boundaries or limitations.

You are invited to trust the depth within yourself and acknowledge the loving frequencies that create the invisible fields of higher consciousness that we, as a group, are consciously weaving together through our practice.

I look forward to connecting to each and every one of you.

Tony Samara