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Personal Consultations

We invite you to work together with Tony Samara on Skype, by Email or Face-to-Face at retreats or other events, to invite a space of consciousness into that which is energetically, physically, emotionally and mentally relevant, to assist your clarity and hope, enthusiasm, well-being, meaning, inspiration and perspective.

Tony Samara has been passionate about exploring life beyond words since the age of 15, when he learned meditation from a Neuroscience University research group in Norway. A few years later he joined a Zen Buddhist monastery in California, where he lived and worked with a famous Zen master for many years. He continued his journey by traveling all over the world and learning different spiritual practices, techniques of expanding one's consciousness and was initiated into various healing modalities by South American and Polynesian Shamans.

Traditional knowledge always felt close to him but he was equally fascinated by the findings of neuroscience, quantum physics and modern medicine and proceeded to receive a Certificate in Life Coaching from Cambridge University. He combines the modern and the traditional in his work, which he shares with thousands of people all over the world in his unique retreats, online seminars, as well as his one-to-one  individual sessions.

In the last 30 years Tony Samara has replied on hundreds of thousands of emails, and answered many questions about different themes such as life, family, relationship, health, spirituality and spiritual practice, and so on. Unfortunately, with Tony receiving so many emails that require his attention every day, it is not possible for all the emails to be replied on. This being the case, we are excited to let you know that we have created an even easier and better ways to connect to Tony so that he can answer any questions you may have. It is now possible to make applications for a Skype, Face-to-Face, or Email Consultation with Tony Samara.



Speak to Tony Samara via Skype

Speak to Tony Samara from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is most suitable for you. Being face-to-face on Skype, the energy work is exceptionally strong. The consultations last from 15 - 60 minutes.
We invite you to write to so that we can send you an application form and let you know more about the specific details.
"To be in the presence of Tony Samara through Skype in real time, and be able to tell him what was going on with my physical health, my emotions, my feelings and ask him for guidance about my fears, was an amazing and unforgettable experience!” - Sibra (Portugal)


The Face-to-Face consultations are coordinated by the organisers of the various events. It is therefore necessary to contact the organiser of the event that you are attending in order to receive the information and application form for a personal consultation. Nothing can beat this form of really personal contact with Tony Samara! The consultations last for 30 min or 1h.
"Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity. Every moment has been an amazing experience.” - B. (Croatia)


If you are too shy to meet Tony Face-to-Face or in person, you may prefer to take advantage of having an email consultation.The email consultation allows you to ask questions and connect to Tony directly so that he can help you with whatever you may be experiencing.
To make an application for an email consultation with Tony Samara we invite you to write to so that we can let you know how to proceed.

"This email consultation was worth gold - much more than he asks for saving me so much - doctor consultations, money, worries etc... Thank You." - E.S. (Switzerland)

Testimonials about these consultations:

"The consultation was absolutely amazing. Of such a high quality. It was more then I asked for and helped me so much!” - M.B. (Sweden)

"Having a Skype exchange is like talking to your best friend, except that you might tell Tony Samara things even a best friend couldn't understand. You see, Tony is going to see beneath the words, into new world combinations, and into other realms that may echo throughout days preceding the meeting, and days after. Tony inspires love for who you really are, rather than what your mind, or ego, or traumas might dictate you to be. The changes I have experienced have been gentle, despite some big fears and some suffering emerging. I am very thankful for the generous help I have received." - Erika (Switzerland)


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