The Meeting of Opposites eBooklet (PDF)

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In this mini eBooklet that combines the auspicious energies of the Full Moon, as well as Guru Purnima, Tony Samara speaks about the gateway that is opening, and practices that are important to consider for the next 2–3 months, so that we can celebrate the challenges and changes of the unrecognised gifts coming our way, and step by step embrace the mysteries of the unknown without feeling too overwhelmed.

It is also explained that the archetypal symbol of the moon, tells a story of movement and change and the possibility for hidden truths to be revealed. We are then guided on a beautiful journey to let go of the quandaries that hold us back, and discover, with the help of Rumi references, how to embrace a deeper connection to the inner wisdoms, as we unlearn the sabotaging stresses and conflicts, and empower ourselves to view consciousness from a new level, during this once-in-a-lifetime moment in time.

6000+ words.


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