Quest Walks

with Tony Samara

As humanity became more civilized and dependent upon technology our relationship to nature and its mysterious powers was forgotten. Although the ways of our ancestors have not been consciously remembered yet, it is still present in our deepest being, in our genes. No matter how technologically advanced we become we will always be a part of nature, part of the mystery of life. This gives us a key, a potential, to go beyond merely existing in a mundane world.

Each of us reflects the Universe’s unlimited potential, which we can cultivate to unfold hidden talents and attributes – taking us beyond our limited concept of self. Understand that limitation is the substance of the mind, and that creativity, healing and well-being come to us when the mind is in balance with this unlimited potential.

A quest can be a catalyst to opening up to glimpses of our unlimited potential and a means of accessing our inner wisdom which always speaks to our hearts during times of major transformation.

In mythology, deep literature and spirituality, a quest, or intentional journey, is a highlight and turning point to understanding the deeper meaning of many events and life experiences that require clarity. Such walking towards inner and outer goals allows us to visit locations and spaces that make life full of heartfelt meaning and vibrancy.

As a quest walker the object of the quest is to come home to a sense of union so that the walk takes us back home to ourselves and to a deeper connection with life. 

By quest walking, the journey becomes a fulfillment of our goal where we realize that every moment has its own magic and special quality. This realization brings a sense of inspiration and joy that allows for a clearer understanding of what it means to be fully alive.

Today Tony Samara brings the Quest Walking tradition to us as part of an all-inclusive system of self-development and personal healing. 

Allow yourself the time to unwind from those aspects of life which distract you from your spiritual nature and bring greater awareness into your being through the ancient practice of Quest Walking and allow your heart and spirit to live in harmony with nature, which, with its infinite intelligence points the way for us all.

Monthly Quest Walks Schedule: 

12 October 2019, Slovenia – Tolmin area 

November 2019, Slovenia (to be confirmed) –

…More dates will be announced for spring and summer 2020.

What to Expect?

Approximately 4 hours of walking, meditation and unique spiritual exercises in nature.

What to Bring?

Your own lunch and water, comfortable walking shoes and appropriate sun or rain protection.