Samara Retreats

Bridging the Rainbow

Equinox Online Retreat

20-23 March 2021

Bridging the Rainbow Online Retreat (Full 4 Day)

4 Day Option.


Bridging the Rainbow Online Retreat (2 Day)

2 Day Option.


(Weekly/monthly instalments are also possible.)

Every time you are faced with a limitation, understand that there is an aspect of yourself that is fighting, struggling, trying to understand why, how, or what to do about something.

Such struggling does not take you to the core of wisdom, that can be experienced through meditation, because meditation is about being completely detached from everything, so that you can be totally focused on the divine.

This is the path that I constantly remind you of.

This is the path that you and your meditation can constantly remind you about.

Take your attention away from the pictures that are swirling in the mind, and come back home to the divine aspect.

When you are connected to this still and peaceful part of yourself, you will most surely be taking the steps that allow you to cross the bridge, and continue on a most beautiful journey that celebrates this beautiful sense of freedom.

I invite you to join me for the first online retreat in 2021 – Bridging the Rainbow – Equinox Online Retreat, so that no matter what is going on inside of your mind, or within your feelings, you can understand how to come back to consciousness, as the bridge to your depth.

In gratitude,

Tony Samara