Samara Wellbeing

Personal Transformation Through Conscious Relationships: A 10 Day Course

Personal relationships and family constellations shouldn’t be difficult and complicated, yet we often find ourselves caught in the mundane aspects of life that prevent us from freely expressing our truth to others, and even to ourselves.

Let us journey and discover what is underneath our complex, and often confused layers of feelings, thoughts and experiences, so as to find the real foundation and structure that grounds who we are in our lives, and thus, in the way we address our personal growth.

Firstly, as many neuroscientists and researchers confirm, a clear mind anchored solidly in awareness, and yet at the same time fluid enough to move us through our different life experiences and adventures, is very much what is needed during these changing times.

This is an era that can either bring about incredible innovations, or catastrophically painful mistakes.

I have found that when one views any situation in one’s life through the lens of deep gratitude and the clarity of a resilient mind, things go from cloudy to clear, and immediately expand one’s creative attitude so as to relax enough to make value orientated decisions.

There is a great amount of empowerment that comes from being really clear and receptive enough to the new ways, and the changes required, to embrace such awareness.

The key here is to explore the new, so that step by step you can adventure into clarity, never giving up, but rather learning and embracing whatever challenges arise, and experiencing heartfelt connections within ourselves and our family constellations.

I invite you to join me for 10 days, whereby awareness and self-development can become a lifeline when we are challenged by that which no longer serves us, or that which prevents self-growth and empowerment.

Daily Format

The course sessions will be Monday to Friday commencing with an afternoon session on Monday 19 October 2020.

Morning Session

08:30-08:45 Portugal UK Ireland

09:30-09:45 Spain Switzerland Slovenija

This will be a brief time each morning to speak to Tony of any concerns that may need to be addressed. We will probably use the Telegram platform for this session.

Afternoon Session

17.30-18.30 Portugal UK Ireland

18:30-19:30 Spain Switzerland Slovenija

The afternoon session will be conducted on the Zoom platform, and will last for at least an hour. Logins will be sent to everyone closer to the time.

If you are unable to listen live, do not worry as recordings are forwarded to each participant, and are available to listen to for approximately 30 days.

*Fasting and diet will not be part of this course.

19-30 October 2020 – Samara Wellbeing: A 10 Day Course

This 10-day transformational course will provide important yet simple ways to nurture the heart, on both a physical and emotional level. Tony Samara will focus on interpersonal relationships, as well as the relationship we have with ourselves. Practical steps will be given that are easy to apply as part of our daily habits and will make a big difference to how we interact with everyone around us.