Samara Wellbeing

Beautiful Breathing: A 10 Day Practice

Breathing correctly is to say “yes” to life, to all the aspects of our self – the good and the bad. It gives us the courage to experience a part of ourselves that has been put aside for a very long time. 

There is no “short cut” for changing our breathing patterns, or for entering into a harmonious relationship with the expansion and contraction of Mother Earth, it just requires practice, a practice that is not secret but requires time and discipline.

This ongoing programme will be a daily practice rather than an informational course. The chat feature and lecture of some other courses/online events will not be part of this programme, rather various breathing practices will be explained, and the group will be guided to practice the techniques together.

Daily Format

There will be 10 course sessions, which will be conducted on weekdays only.

08:00-08:30 Portugal, UK, Ireland

9:00-9:30 Spain, Switzerland, Slovenija 

(From 7 June the times may change to 30 minutes earlier.)

To practice some techniques of complete breathing, for 20-30 minutes each morning, allows for an understanding of what is breathing.

If you are unable to listen live, do not worry as recordings are forwarded to each participant, and are available to listen to for approximately 30 days.

Dreams, Lucid Dreaming & Deep Meditation 2: a 9-Day Course

Imagine going to sleep, “waking up” inside the dream, and having a conscious chat with your inner wisdom and The Universe; receiving messages, insights, about the things that humanity needs to know at this crucial time, as well as answers to your specific questions! Well…that’s possible and something I have been doing for decades

My name is Tony Samara and I’m a meditation teacher and Dream expert.. I have had this gift of understanding the language of dreams since early in my childhood..and have been consciously working in the Dream World for decades.

As a little boy I loved the Dream World. I always had a deep knowing of the meaning behind dreams. I think this is a gift that anyone can develop..and its so important as we spend a third of our lives asleep!

Throught history mystics and open minded and spiritually inclined people just like yourself have had a strong fascination with dreams, yet, many dont understand the real communication in dreams, let alone to connect consciously with the Dream World.

Do you know that you can awaken consciousness whilst asleep and dreaming?

Do you know you can use guidance from the Dream World to uncover subconscious blocks, heal them and move beyond them?

You can also shift into deeper alignment with your Higher Self and literally live your dream and learn how easy it is to come back to a sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

This is the most direct path to healing that i know of.

Since our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, healing the constellations within and coming back to inner alignment helps us to change the outer challenges in a miraculous way.

This is manifestation speeded up..the results in the outer world can change your life in incredible ways..there is no limit as to your activated potential.

You are the change you dream into existence

Each night when you go to sleep, you tap into a Source of infinite wisdom. Why not consciously access this wisdom?

Here are some tips to get you started

Start by writing down your dreams each morning and be mindful of the more subtle aspects in your dreams.

See if you notice similar patterns or symbols or colours emerging after 7 days of journalling.

Ask yourself, How did I feel in the dream?

What is my relationship to the people, animals and objects in my dream?

What symbols felt most powerful or meaningful in my dream?

Please feel free to share with me your experiences.

Remember the Dream World is a reflection of the everyday world.

If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or problems with constellations around you, know that the core cause of such disharmony is that the world today has forgotten our inner divine wisdom, even though we are reminded of the gateway to wisdom every night.

I invite you to join me, as we awaken our dreams and true potential one dream at a time.

Daily Format

Dreams are beautiful messages along the path towards knowledge that can remind us of our path towards wholeness in this world.   – Tony Samara

The course sessions will be on weekdays only commencing with a morning session on Wednesday 13 May 2021.

Morning Session

08:30-08:45 Portugal, UK, Ireland

09:30-09:45 Spain, Switzerland, Slovenija

This will be a brief time each morning to speak to Tony of any concerns that may need to be addressed.

Afternoon Session

17.30-18.30 Portugal UK Ireland

18:30-19:30 Spain Switzerland Slovenija

The afternoon session will last for at least an hour.

Each session will be conducted on the Zoom platform, and logins will be sent to everyone closer to the time.

We will also create a Samara Wellbeing group on Telegram, for communication throughout the day between the participants.

If you are unable to listen live, do not worry as recordings are forwarded to each participant, and are available to listen to for approximately 30 days.

*Fasting and diet will not be part of this course.