Society’s epidemic of ill health can be improved through meditation. As we relax our inner thoughts with meditation and some simple practical steps, we allow for a new way of communicating with ourselves. Consistent practice of meditation allows inner peace, or stillness, to reveal itself in different ways to different people and adds a special atmosphere of meaningful connection to every aspect of our lives.

Due to the intensity of the COVID-19 situation worldwide, and following the recent Coronavirus Protocols event, Tony has created a Positive Affirmations support group on Skype. A place to allow those interested to receive information about positive practical steps you can take, healing meditations to practice, and the support of like-minded people to provide a sense of community and positivity during this time.

● the group gets together Monday-Friday at 8:00am (Portugal, UK) / 9:00am (Italy, Spain)
● talks, daily quotes, and personalised sharing
● practical advice and positive steps will be offered that you can embrace as part of a
spiritual and healthy lifestyle
● everyone will be able to speak with each other and ask questions in the chat
● as the group is on Skype, a Skype account would be required to be added

Join by invitation!